meet, research, sketch, draft, present, revise, deliver, launch

Our process begins and ends with our client’s business goals at the forefront. By starting with the end in mind we avoid mistakes and potential project disasters.

1. Meet

We meet to learn about your business and set goals for the project.

2. Research

We deep dive to learn about your industry and your competitors. We do this to ensure you get the best solution possible

3. Sketch

To get a glimpse of the possibilities, we sketch out our ideas to work efficiently and get to the proper visual solution.

4. Draft

We fine-tune the best ideas and give a final once-over to make sure the obvious was not overlooked.

5. Present

We present the concepts to you and explain the rationale behind our suggestion

6. Revise

The goal is to make you happy. Sometimes there is one revision round, sometimes two, rarely more.

7. Deliver

Upon approval of the final design, we deliver the files to you.

8. Launch

We let the world know about your new product, service or advertisement.